Wireless Module

  • Flood network: Honeywell’s network ensures everyone in a property is alerted to a danger quickly
  • Easy installation: The XW100 simply clicks into XS100 Smoke Alarm
  • Sirnple setup: The XW100 simple setup saves installer time and quickly protects properties from dangers
  • Easy testing: With the press of a button you can ensure your XW100 module is still connected to the network
  • 3rd party certification by BSi
  • Radio frequency: 868 MHz band
  • Units in a network: Maximum 32 units
  • Range: 200m in free air (min)
  • Alarm transmit interval: 10 seconds
  • Self test: Every 60 minutes
  • Visual indicator Alarm Red LED
  • (on host alarm) Fault: Yellow LED
  • Network connection: Blue LED
  • Button: For network creation and to add a new module to existing network
  • Dimensions: 107 x 78 x 50mm

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